TCR Breaking News: Bishop Reid asks for Prayers for AME Chaplain in Guam

Posted on Mon, Aug 14, 2017:

Bishop Reid asks for Prayers for AME Chaplain in Guam

Bishop Frank Madison Reid III, Ecumenical Officer and Chief Endorsing Agent shares the following communication from Chaplain (Major) Regina Samuels of the United Sates Air Force.  She is currently posted on the island of Guam--a US territory located in the Pacific Ocean.  Within the last few days, North Korea has threatened to launch missle strikes on the island.

"Thank you and the church for your prayers. For the most part, those who are serving here are in good spirits.  Some family members are a little anxious, but that's to be expected.  It's during times like these that chaplains are needed the most.  We're praying for peace, as we offer encouragement and hope to military members and their families.  Prayerfully, all of this is just rhetoric that we haven't heard before.  If it's not, I still trust God.

We're continuing to live and enjoy each day.  We took a group a Airmen, Sailors, and Soldiers from our worship services for a hike on Saturday.  We (the chapel) had a Summer Bash yesterday, and Vacation Bible School starts tonight.  We refuse to live in fear!!"

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