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St James AME Church, Elgin, Illinois St James AME Church, Elgin, Illinois

Sunday School Sunday School

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    "Train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he want depart from it" Proverbs 22:6 

    The purpose of Grant Church School is to provide a Christian Education for the acquisition of biblical principles for all church members.  

    The main objective is to ensure that all students will be able to understand and demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts of the Bible.  We have specific goals and objectives for appropriate age levels.  These classes meet each Sunday at 9:30.

    The overall goal of this class is to provide an orientation to acquaint new members with the history, foundation, purpose, structure and Doctrines of the AME Church.  The Pastor or designee instructs these classes.

    A Continental Breakfast is served to the church school members on designated Sundays.

    The Church School is responsible for the planning and implementation of the following calendar:
     March  Lenten Folder Drive    June  Promotion Day
     April  Easter Program and Eggs   June  Vacation Bible School
     Mother's Day Program   June
     Church Picnic 
     June  Father's Day   June  Children's Day 
     October   Fall Fellowship   December
     Christmas Program
     December  Kwanzaa Celebration      
    Officers of the Church School are as follows:
    Dr. W. E. Scott
    Assistant Superintendent/
    Program  Director
    Cradle Roll Superintendent 
    Adult Class Teachers Dr. W. E. Scott
    Sis. Emma Woods
    Secondary Level Teacher Sis. M. Senyah
    Primary Level Teacher Sis. E. Miller
    Sunday School Musician Dr. W. E. Scott
    • About Us!

      Jesus talks a lot about the road of life. Your life’s road is open before you. Take a moment and look ahead. Where are you going? What are you trying to accomplish? Who have you chosen to help you get there? Hopefully, it is Jesus Christ. Each Sunday , St James AME Church, Elgin gives you awesome opportunities to walk with God together.

      Sunday Morning Bible Study can open the door to:

      • Growing Relationships
      The Key to spiritual growth is being rooted and grounded in love. Each of us needs godly relationships beyond the worship service experience. Sunday Morning Bible Study provides the best atmosphere to meet new people.
      • In-depth Bible Study
      More than hearing another sermon, Sunday Morning Bible Study is involvement and you are a key player to healthy discussions regarding spiritual growth.
      • Small Groups
      Beginning with Sunday Morning Bible Study, a special close-knit circle of friends can be formed beyond the walls of the church building providing a safe place to express concerns and an atmosphere of healthy transparency.
      • Utilizing your God-given Spiritual Gifts in Service
      Sunday Morning Bible Study encourages you to be involved in exercising your spiritual gifts to mutually uplift the body of Christ.
      • Encouragement
      Only in a small group setting like Sunday Morning Bible study can you be stimulated to love and good deeds, and have the time to encourage one another. (Hebrews 10:24-25).
      For more information, please contact Dr. Wes Scott, Sunday School Superintendent.

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      Dr. W. E. Scott - Dec 11, 9:55pm:
      Welcome to the new group: Sunday School!
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