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Book Review: Angels Along the Way Book Review: Angels Along the Way

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Book Review: Angels Along the Way

Posted on Sun, Feb 6, 2005

(My Life With Help From Above), by Gene Dunbar

A Review of Angels Along the Way

(My Life With Help From Above), by Gene Dunbar 

The following quote is thematic of the Della Reese autobiography, Angels Along the Way (My Life With Help From Above). 

God has always foreseen what I needed for life and that more abundantly. Even though I refused to listen sometimes. Even though I went directly against His wishes, which I did. And when I did, of course, I�d fall and He would pick me up and dust me off and start me out all over again... When I, like the prodigal son, arose and went home to my Father, the proper changes would take place. The proper people would enter my life with what I needed or where to get what I needed or how to get what I needed. 

Deloreese Patricia Early was born July 6, 1931 and this heart-warming tale of her life is enough to make even the most skeptical readers realize that there are things in life that can only be explained by the existence of Angels. Her story details 73 years of tears and laughter, heartache and joy, personal losses and the ultimate victory of being at peace with herself, with her husband (co-author of the book), and, most importantly, with her God.

As Della explains it, angels are those whom God sends to us in our time of need. No, they don�t have wings and white robes. They are just ordinary people who show us the way the Lord would have us to go. Or they provide us with assistance, inspiration, knowledge, a shoulder to lean on or whatever else we need in order to do God�s will. In Ms. Reese�s view, following God�s will brings the believer spiritual, emotional, and financial wealth beyond their wildest dreams. And this is God�s desire for all believers.

On the other hand, one doesn�t have to look too far to know that the world is full of misery. In her case, Della explains her personal setbacks as the result of not trying hard enough to listen to her �Partner� in heaven. Her story shows that even during her most difficult situations, when she took the time to pray and to fill her mind with the Word of God instead of the words of man, there was always reason to hold on for a miracle. Her story will inspire the reader to feel the same and, in that sense, it is a �must read� for Christians of any denomination.

All of us know this beautiful lady either from her years as one of the greatest song stylists of all time, her comedic pairing with the late Redd Foxx on the TV show �The Royals�, or from her latest show �Touched by An Angel�. Her autobiography gives us the inside story on a person about whom it is worth taking the time to get to know.

Della Reese�s life story is truly a testimony to the power of prayer and faith. Although this marvelous book is currently out-of-print, both hardcover and paperback versions are still available from�s network of used booksellers. Prices vary, but most are reasonable and the books are in �like new� to �good� condition. 

Angels Along the Way (My Life With Help From Above), by Della Reese with Frankin Lett and Mim Eichler, G. P. Putnam�s Sons Publishing, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10016.

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