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 COB - Call to Conscience - Forward to Action Agenda COB - Call to Conscience - Forward to Action Agenda

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COB - Call to Conscience - Forward to Action Agenda

Posted on Fri, Aug 24, 2018

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Dear AME Members:

Please find below a message from Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, President, Council of Bishops:



African Methodist Episcopal Church



August 24, 2018


Dear African Methodist Episcopal Church Family:

In less than two weeks, members of Black Churches from across the United States will gather in responseto the “Call to Conscience – Forward to Action” events to be held September 5th and 6th.

Historically, the Black Church has been “the conscience of the nation.” With all that is going on in our nation; racism,sexism, anti-immigration, epidemic gun violence, injustice in our criminal justice system, income inequality, voter suppression, and efforts to undermine our democracy, the Black Church must again “call the nation to conscience.”

This is an opportunity for the Black Church to reclaim its voice and influence in the world. The greatest period of growth in the Black Church, was when the church was more socially active.

This is not just an AME Church call, but a call to the Black Church. We ask that pastors and laity from all faith communions will be in attendance. Pastors please inform your congregations and ask them to join you in attending.

Events kick-off Sunday, September 2nd with “Social Justice Sunday.” Every pastor is asked to preach a sermon related to “social justice.” There are a host of scriptures that speak to social justice. Some will be listed at the end of this communication. There are also several hymns that are appropriate to social justice, they will be listed also. Bishop Adam J. Richardson was asked to write a litany for “Social Justice Sunday”and Bishop E. Earl McCloud also volunteered a special litany.

They are attached, and you are asked to select one to be used in your worship.

If you have any questions or need information, please call my office (770)-220-1770.

Thank you for your faithfulness and support.All God’s best.


Please click on the link below to view the Official COB letter and Day of Action Agenda:

Yours and His,

Reginald T. Jackson, President, Council of Bishops



Jeffery Cooper

General Secretary/CIO

African Methodist Episcopal Church



P.O. Box 331028 - 500 8th Avenue South - Nashville, TN 37203 

Office:  615-254-0911 - Fax:  615-254-0912 - [email protected] 

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