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Economic Development Returning to the 22nd District Economic Development Returning to the 22nd District

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Economic Development Returning to the 22nd District

Posted on Tue, Jun 16, 2009

Senator Noland looks to increase broadband
Seeks to boost economy and education in Illinois
SPRINGFIELD - Illinois State senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) is comparing Illinois to its neighbors assessing the state's broadband access. In consultation with local technology expert James Carlini, East Dundee, Illinois, Noland has come to understand the need to view broadband as an essential part of the state's infrastructure.  Noland and Carlini argue that broadband not only reduces the costs of education, but improves overall economic opportunities for Illinois residents as well.
From the Phoenicians building ships to expand their trade routes to the Romans building roads and bridges, Carlini says that throughout the last 3,000 years, "Infrastructure has been the platform to expand commerce."  The railroads added another layer and now trade routes have become electronic. "Illinois must build the platform for commerce including those higher layers of digital and electronic infrastructure to insure regional viability and stop job erosion," observes Carlini.  Economic development equals broadband connectivity and broadband connectivity equals jobs. 
"By building the infrastructure necessary, we are putting people to work.  After the infrastructure is in place, we get residual value of the infrastructure that can be used by students, businesses and residents to give them a continual advantage in the global economy," Senator Noland said.  Comparable, large states such as New York and California, have implemented plans for extensive broadband access for their residents.  States that border Illinois have also taken the steps required to initiate broadband deployment.
"With all the resources our state has, it comes as a surprise to me that we are not taking the lead on this.  The future of our state and of our nation will rely on our ability to utilize the latest in technology and in order to do that, we must have the infrastructure in place and have our citizens up-to-date on the uses of that technology.  Other states are already moving forward and I am encouraging our state's leaders to do the same," Senator Noland said.


Senator Michael Noland
Illinois State -- 22nd District
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