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St James AME Church, Elgin, Illinois St James AME Church, Elgin, Illinois

 Happy Father's Day 2017 Happy Father's Day 2017

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Happy Father's Day 2017

Posted on Sat, Jun 17, 2017



Happy Father’s Day


To the Men of the African Methodist Episcopal Church


We thank you for the realization that strength of character

is more important than being tough…,

We thank you for showing us that a man can be tender

and kind, and he doesn’t misuse his authority.

We thank you for being responsible; you know what needs to be done, and you do it.

We thank you for being trustworthy: Your word is your bond!


On Father’s Day and every other day,

even if it’s just for a minute or two,


We want you to remember this…


Sometimes we don’t think you really know how important you are


to your family, friends and the church.


You may never understand how much we really appreciate


all that you do, for God, your Family and the church.


Never thinking about yourself.

You are more to each and every one of us than words can ever express.


This Father’s Day the African Methodist Episcopal Church


wants to say “Thank you!” for a job well done!


You are a Special DAD


An amazing, remarkable man of God


whose example guides our youth,


whose wisdom always points them in the right direction,


and whose Love they carry with them


through every turn in the road.


The things you have given them through the years of their lives


have been some of the most priceless gifts


any person could have ever received.


So, we say thank you!


We wish you a “Happy Father’s Day”


and wish to tell you, too, you are thought about and loved


a lot each day the whole year through!


There is no one else like you. 


You have gifts that only you can give the world. 


You have blessings others can only receive through you


The Lord designed every detail of who you are. 


He cares about you so much, and we care about you too. 


You are special, you are loved, you are you


---and the world is blessed to have you in it!


When God created A.M.E. Fathers,


HE made them proud and wise…,


HE put the light of truth and understanding in their eyes.


HE formed them in HIS image,


hearts faithful, smiles bright,


their skin a shade of the evening as it passes into night.


HE gave them sturdy arms for lifting children in the air


and knees that weren’t afraid to bend in work or play or prayer.


HE planned them with a passion for the role of fatherhood…,


and when the LORD had finished,


HE was sure that HE made you good!

Happy Father’s Day

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