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Startling. Horrifying. Preventable. Startling. Horrifying. Preventable.

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Startling. Horrifying. Preventable.

Posted on Fri, Apr 11, 2014

  Fifty-four percent of people murdered with a firearm between 2000-2010 were black, even though African-Americans make up just thirteen percent of the population in the United States.

It's a startling statistic—a horrifying statistic—and one that is entirely preventable.

It's time for serious action to solve the epidemic of gun violence. Lend your Twitter and Facebook feeds to help us demand immediate action from our elected officials.

Demand action!

Today is a somber anniversary. Two years ago, on April 11, 2012, George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon's death and the eventual, appalling acquittal of his killer reinforced the need to reform state "stand your ground laws." But reducing gun violence will require much more. 

Fifty-four percent of those murdered with a firearm in the first decade of this century were black, yet "inaction" and "disinterest" are the only words I can find to describe the response by our elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels. We must strike at the root causes of gun violence, but the people who can do this will only listen if we speak loudly with one voice.

Our communities are suffering. Our family, our loved ones, and our friends are at risk. Let us rise together today and end these tragedies once and for all: 

Thank you, 

Lorraine C. Miller 
Interim President and CEO
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